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  • Pinless dialing [?].
  • 40 Hot numbers [?].
  • Premium voice quality.
  • Aggressive low rates [?].
  • No connection fees.
  • No maintenance fees for active accounts.
  • No expiration date [?].
  • Multi language IVR support [?].
  • 24/7 live customer support [?].
  • Gimmick free transparent billing [?].
  • Current country coverage:-


    Current country coverage:-


    Bangladesh All
    Call Time Amount Call Rate
    400 min $12.90  3.2c/min
    800 min $21.90  2.7c/min
    Unlimited * $34.90/mo 1.7c/min
    India All
    Call Time Amount Call Rate
    Unlimited * $19.90/mo 1.0c/min
    Pakistan All
    Call Time Amount Call Rate
    250 min $9.90  4.0c/min
    500 min $15.90  3.2c/min
    1000 min $29.90  3.0c/min
    Mexico ALL
    Call Time Amount Call Rate
    Unlimited * $9.90/mo 0.5c/min
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