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FAQ FAQ for HotDial FAQ for SMS (Text) FAQ on Packages/Deals
Q 01. Does gTalk®Pinless service offer service packages or deals?

Q 02. Are gTalk®Pinless service package deals open to commercial use?

Q 03. Do gTalk®Pinless service package deals remain valid for specific period?

Q 04. Will I be able to use gTalk®Pinless package servicesfrom all my registered phone numbers with my gTalk®pinless account?

Q 05. What is 'Fair use Policy'?

Q 06. . Can I purchase and enjoy more than one simultaneously active gTalk Pinless package deals?

Q 07. Can I avail gTalk package service using gTalk toll free access number?

Q 08.What happens if gTalk Pinless package(s) purchased earlier is still valid/active but the credit balance in my gTalk Pinless account has reduced to below $0.25 ( 25 cent) ?

Q 09. Can I use gTalk Pinless package minutes while making calls through gTalk Global App?

Q 10.I have an active gTalk Pinless package but I am unable to make call to a destination covered by the package service. Why?

Q 11. Why some of my calls to destinations covered by package deal (still active in my account) have been charged from by credit balance instead from my package deal?

Q 12. Is it a requirement that the designated telephone number associated to a package deal must remain a registered telephone number in my gTalk Pinless account?

Q 13. Is the gTalk Pinless package deal purchase and usage administered transparently?

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